Like a Moth to a Flame

Many people have heard the idiom “like a moth to a flame” which is commonly used in reference to someone being attracted to someone or something that will hurt or even kill them. This saying comes from the tendency of moths to fly at light and occasionally (especially when candles or campfires are involved) hurt or kill themselves. While the exact reason as to why these insects do this is not completely known, the principle still stands, that something designed to be helpful could lead something to its doom.

The same concept can be seen when people try to understand Hell and the eternal punishment that is associated with it. The Bible tells us about the impending doom facing those who do not know God and on those who do not obey him (2 Thess. 1:5-12). We are told all of this so that we will be convinced to obey the Lord and his commandment, but there are some that have had issues with the idea of eternal punishment which the Bible says is waiting. The people who do not believe in an eternal Hell tend to come up with ideas about the soul being annihilated or that some people will be let out of Hell or a waiting place after an amount of time. There is no support in either of these ideas in the Bible, but they are there because we do not understand the justice of God. God, as the creator and sovereign king of the world, has the power to make His rules, and we are subject to following them. These rules are the things that he stated from His word.

The issue that comes about with this false view of Hell is that people are not persuaded to be faithful from the promise of Heaven alone, so they do not repent and do the things that God requires them to do. Romans 2:1-5 tells us that the people who do not repent are subject to God’s judgement as

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