A Consuming Fire

            Worship is something that we do quite regularly as Christians. The book of Hebrews sets out to prove why we should worship Jesus and why he is greater than the Old Law. While doing this, the author creates illustrations that all look back onto the Old Testament writings. In 12:29, the author says 8 words in Greek translated to 7 in English, “for our God is a consuming fire,” (ESV). In this. The author brings to my mind one thing, the sons of Aaron.

            In the context, the writer is discussing why we should worship and serve God and Jesus in the right way. By saying that God is a consuming fire, that calls to mind the sons who were consumed by fire for worshipping incorrectly. They presented strange fire before the Lord, and he struck them down and told Aaron and his other sons not to tear their clothes because of this. God is jealous as it is pointed out in Deuteronomy 4:24 (where Hebrews is quoting from), and he wants us to serve him in the right way. For this reason, we should worship according to what God wants and what he prescribes.

            We see that there are many different ways to worship, but how many of them take into consideration what God wants from his worshippers. The Hebrews writer wants us to remember that God is jealous and should not be worshipped like the gods that the world serves. Because of all of the things that God has done for us, we should worship him. We are in an unshakeable kingdom, and we serve a God who is capable of ending the world. We should be grateful, reverent, and filled with awe because of the power and majesty of God. He is a jealous God who desires to be served, and we have chosen to serve him.

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