Green Eggs and Ham and the Bible

Today, the Bible is not always a popular subject. There are a lot of people who would rather talk about anything else rather than God’s word. This can be very discouraging to the Christian who is trying to live out the command to spread the word and bring others to Christ. With so much rejection it feels sometimes like we are being annoying when we ask people if they would like to study the Bible. Today though, I was reminded of a Dr. Seuss book that I loved as a child, Green Eggs and Ham. For anyone who does not know the story of Green Eggs and Ham, there are two characters Sam I Am and the speaker. Sam-I-Am is trying desperately to get the speaker to try Green Eggs and Ham, but he refuses to even try it. When he finally does try it, he loves Green Eggs and Ham.
When asking people to go to church or a Bible study with us, we feel like we are Sam-I-Am, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If Sam was not persistent about getting the other person to try green eggs and ham.

This story reminds me of another biblical story about the persistent woman in Luke 18:1-8. She asked the judge so many times about giving her justice over her adversary, that he finally gave in and gave it to her. This parable is about continuing to pray and not losing heart. We too should continue praying for God to help us, and he will.

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